Our Team

We are Team Sycamore 5614 from "Katzir" high school Holon, Israel. Our team includes 30 students from 10th, 11th and 12th grades and this year is the fifth year that our team participates in the FRC competition.



Our team is defined by our 3-values motto:




We operate in light of these values. We believe that these values represent what it takes fulfill our vision.


We are team of high-school students, taking part in an international non-profit organization, called FIRST, standing for For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology. The goal of FIRST is to engage encourage young people towards science and technology. The programs combines excitement, creativity and fosters life skills including self-confidence, leadership and values of cooperation and community involvement. In many cases, team members discover their future career path.

In addition to the volunteering at school, our group is a major contributor to the community by volunteering activities in the field of robotics, and we teach the basics of the technical areas that we know. Most of all, we try to spread and assimilate the values of FIRST in the young generation.



How it all began?

The FLL children in our school searched how they can compete in the FIRST LEGO League and they have always been looking for a way to continue to expand their activities and their knowledge of robotics. The students began to investigate and see what really needs to do in order to establish a group of FIRST robotics competition in school. They began to look many different ways in which they could achieve hefty payment in such a short time.

They had many meetings with the Mayor of Holon, tried to recruit sponsors and publish the Group's social and community sites.

In addition, they created many contacts with different FIRST robotics competition groups and met with them, the groups presented them with the necessary establishment and development team. They tried to recruit sponsors and professionals to establish the team and help it to achieve. At the end of all attempts, Perion were ready to support and help the group to be their sponsors to establish the group.